Magic-Boost: Boost 3D Generation with Multi-View Conditioned Diffusion

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Benefiting from the rapid development of 2D diffusion models, 3D content creation has made significant progress recently. One promising solution involves the fine-tuning of pre-trained 2D diffusion models to harness their capacity for producing multi-view images, which are then lifted into accurate 3D models via methods like fast-NeRFs or large reconstruction models. However, as inconsistency still exists and limited generated resolution, the generation results of such methods still lack intricate textures and complex geometries. To solve this problem, we propose Magic-Boost, a multi-view conditioned diffusion model that significantly refines coarse generative results through a brief period of SDS optimization (~15min). Compared to the previous text or single image based diffusion models, Magic-Boost exhibits a robust capability to generate images with high consistency from pseudo synthesized multi-view images. It provides precise SDS guidance that aligns with the identity of the input images, thereby enriching the local detail in both geometry and texture of the initial generative results. Extensive experiments show Magic-Boost greatly enhances the coarse inputs and generates high-quality 3D assets with rich geometric and textural details.

Figure 1. Provided with an input image and its coarse 3D generation, MagicBoost effectively boosts it to a high-quality 3D asset within 15 minutes. From left to right, we show the input image, pesudo multi-view images and coarse 3D results from Instant3D, together with the significantly improved results produced by our method.


Input MV Images Coarse Output Ours

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The overall pipeline of our method. We build MagicBoost with Instant3D (a synergy of Multi-view Diffusion (MVDiff) and Large Reconstruction Model (LRM)), which provides pseudo multi-view images together with a coarse 3D output. Conditioned on the generated multi-view inputs, our model provides precise SDS guidance, significantly augmenting the coarse 3D outputs within a brief interval (~15min).

Comparison with other Image-to-3D methods

Input Zero123-XL Magic123 Imagedream Coarse output Ours

Comparison with other Boost methods

Input Coarse output Stable Diffusion Boost Zero123-XL Boost Ours